Encyclopedia Erratica

A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Brian Chamberlain

Brian Chamberlain is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! After chatting with Brian Chamberlain on Tinder and exchanging flirty text for three months, we decided to meet for a date. Brian Chamberlain is a goodlooking man, Ill give him that. While Brian Chamberlain and I where on the date, he flirted with the waitress the entire time. During my conversation with Brian Chamberlain, he told me he had been divorced or years, and lived on the lake in Rockwall. Well the lies begin ladies. It turns out the next day I meet Brian Chamberlains wife of ten years, and find out he lives in Greenville. Brian Chamberlain supposably lives this happy life with his perfect little family. Ladies beware Brian Chamberlain lies, he can make up stories on a dime. I have seen Brian Chamberlain in action when he denied point blank to his wife after she exposed him with our text messages. Brian Chamberlain is a piece of s***!

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