Encyclopedia Erratica

A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Asia Lesczynska Leszcynksi

Asia Lesczynska Leszcynksi is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Apology to her husband explains all It is with great shame that I confess these acts to you. On May 5th 2013 I met your wife Joanna in the Big Y supermarket. At the time she was not wearing a wedding ring. When I asked if she was single, she told me she was in the process of getting divorced. I gave her my business card and left. Joanna called me about 20 minutes later. Within a few days we met for drinks at Mathews restaurant, which is next to where she took the Russian kids for danceclass. Within a few days Joanna and I began a sexual relationship. A text code was established; A Available, B- Meet at Bridge, Tr- Meet at Track I swear, if I had known her statement about getting divorced was false I would not have gotten involved her. Its now October 2014 and Joanna and I have carried on this affair for a year and a half. At first she told me she would leave you after the case with DDS Knolles was over, then she said she would leave you when her treatment with DDS Neighm was done. Know she says she will leave after the treatment with DDS Mariano and the Duplex is finished. We have discussed Niles Street, Avon Mill Apartments, Her crashing your Car, Her Associate degree program, just to name a few topics. Over the year and a half that we have been together we use to ski most Wednesdays (her skis are hidden at Agatas house. We talked for hours about your entire life together and how she is intimidated by you after you broke her car window and the police were involved. When Joanna and I first started meeting, she would tell you she was watching the Russian Kids On several occasions we spent the day on the ocean (Watch Hill, Mystic Harbor) Before Joanna started working full time we use to meet at the Avon High track most nights The glass turtle that is or was on your kitchen window was for me. The red plant outside the upper door is from me, (I wanted the cage back though) As to proof that I know Joanna intimately, she has a freckle on her lower left thigh that her mom used as a minimum skirt length She up until recently had a dark mole on her upper left inner thigh. She has 3 or 4 freckles on her right buttock And she has a fairly large birthmark at the top of her pubic hair line. She wears 1 of 3 different pairs of earrings, Diamond Studs, Pearl with silver rind or Silver balls She wears usually wears a necklace of 2 diamonds or a small cross She almost always wears Calvin Klein Thongs While Im sure its of little consolation, I TRUELLY AM SORRY and I would not have entered a relationship with Joanna had she not lied to me when we met. A few weeks ago while driving drunk, Joanna hit a mailbox on West Avon Road. After having me go retrieve her broken mirror she had her car fixed a few days later at a shop in New Britain. You may not be able to appreciate this, but out of respect, I have never entered your home. Please know Joanna has stayed with you for many years through intimidation and fear. Im sure she will hate me for writing this document now, but who knows maybe in 30 years or so, she will unbeknown to me, be grateful. Its probably of little consolation but I assure you its almost as hard for me to write this letter as it is for you to read it. PS. Look out for Swavek. He is not you friend and wants to screw your wife. He has repeatedly made sexual advances towards her and even came to your house with that intent on the night you were passed out.

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