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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Aniesha Teague, of Mountain Home, Arkansas

Aniesha Teague, of Mountain Home, Arkansas is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! I became friends with Aniesha Teague through another friend, she said she had just gotten married and wanted to have kids, she also said that her husband at the time would hit her, I knew she would cheat on him and and told me she didnt want to leave cause she was scared of him, and also confided in me that her first child wasnt her husbands, and when she had her second child she lied to him about being raped so he wouldnt leave her, well he found out she was cheating on him AMD he left her. I stayed friends with her through all this, I never knew she was sleeping with my boyfriend too. She moved to Oklahoma, and I kept in contact with her, when she came back to Texarkana to visit in March, I let her stay with me and my boyfriend. I went to work, but came home early and found them having sex in our bed, she has a boyfriend right now too, so I threw her out and confronted my boyfriend, he told me that this wasnt the first time, they had slept together back when we first met for an entire year, so watch out for her, she pretends to be your friend and lie to face so and can sleep with your boyfriend.

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