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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Angelia Grace Dublin , Ireland, International

Angelia Grace Dublin , Ireland, International is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Hi all, I want a fresh start but before that, I have to let everyone to know, what this woman did to my family, dont let yourself be foolish by her angel face and and public acts, ( have a look at her online and you will understand what I am talking about).., some people even think that she is the most good person in earth, but I am here to change that this heartless person destroyed my family, and made me go through hell, she started a affair with her vocal coach my partner of 13 years, and even dear to send present to my beautiful boy, as a daddy ÷s student who have already met my little boy just weeks before I found out that they were having a affair that was almost 3 months back, they still together ,but dont want no one to know about they dirt secret, because they have a image to preserve, right now I dont give a dam s about it so I am taking that of my chest, and exposing them clean slate is always a good start i am finding strength to move on, and be the best mum my little man can have . as for them dont hide like chicken.

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