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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Amy Diane Baker of Kentucky

Amy Diane Baker of Kentucky is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! This piece of work is married to SGM Michael Baker but loves to sleep with other soldiers. She posts ads on Craigslist looking for her next prey. She tells men lies on how she cant wait to start a life with them. She had a 2 month long affair with my husband while he was at ALC In Arizona, (Im not saying my husband is any better than this whore) brought him to her house while her husband was at work, or paid for hotels or had sex in her car. I tried to confront this whore a few times to discuss the situation with her but she chose to block and ignore me. Before you start sleeping around with lower ranking soldiers try making sure that theyre at least single dont ruin other peoples lives and families because yours is so pathetic and miserable.

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