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Advice regarding creating a website telling a story about how my marriage and my familys life was destroyed by a homewrecker

Advice regarding creating a website telling a story about how my marriage and my familys life was destroyed by a homewrecker is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! I was in a 15 year marriage. My wife was seduced by a bisexual woman and my marriage broke down as a result of that. Ultimately, and I have all the evidence, once she was seduced it turned into a conspiracy to take my children away from me, live off a very healthy alimony check they would have gotten from me and then get half of the assets. Luckily I am in SC and was able to prove adultery thus EVERYTHING went my way in my divorce i.e. no alimony, I got full custody of my kids and she got little of my assets. My marriage went from my wife apparently being totally in love with me one day to the next day me being her worst enemy. I was in love with my wife, committed and gave her the best life she could have possibly wanted. Something was switched in her mind as she was seduced. This happened about a year ago. They still live together. A LOT happened during this whole affair enough to write a very entertaining book. I am still bitter and hurt to this day. I often write my ex strongly worded letters and still try to convince her to this day that she is with a not-very nice person and was and still is being mind controlled. I need a certain kind of therapy and the best therapy that I know will be able to make me move on with my life is to tell my story . I want to do it via a website that people can come to read. It will also help me expose the paramour to the world for what she is. Not until then will I get the satisfaction I need against the woman who knowingly wrecked my marriage (I told her many times to go away and leave my family alone). While telling my story I wish to present all the evidence that was used in court, pictures, the PI video, and most importantly I want to use real names and pictures. As well as the story being a therapy I want it to help protect other married people men or women from homewreckers by showing them how to protect themselves and also perhaps to show other homewreckers who think about interfering with perfectly good families to satisfy their sexual desires that they can be fully exposed to the world for who and what they are. I know there are websites for this but you cant tell your complete story. So my question is, as long as I present real facts that were testified to under oath in court would I be at risk of slander and libel by using the real names and real pictures of the people involved or can I legally go ahead and do this without having to worry. I understand I will get lawyer letters threatening that. Also would I potentially be breaching anything in the typical divorce decree that outlines the typical relationship between the two parties i.e. harassment etc. Would this be considered harassment or any such thing? I am merely telling my story. As well as me being hurt by this, so too were my children. I worked my butt off for 15 years to give them this perfect life where all was harmonious and happy and that was torn down and destroyed, literally overnight. If I can stop then next family from going through this by making the next homewrecker think twice about interfering with a family then I have done a good thing. I am in SC.

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