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Gavion Muir is a deadbeat father and a serial cheater

Gavion Muir is a deadbeat father and a serial cheater is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Gavion Muir is a Jamaican living in Brampton (west of Toronto) who is known to be a serial cheater having kids out wedlock with various women. Gavion Muir just got released from prison where he served a length time for rape, forcible confinement, aggravated assault and other violent offences. Gavion Muir is known to sell weapons, namely semi-automatic guns and rifles, to young people in the ÷black market (pardon the pun and the double-entendre). People like Gavion Muir is the reason why gun violence is rampant around the GTA. Gavion Muir has faced numerous criminal charges on many occasions yet he still does not change his gangsta ways despite having served lengthy jail sentences, including beating women unconscious and unconscious cheating on them. Gavion Muir is also a father to several children born out of wedlock and he has yet to pay child support to various women. Whenever he is dragged into family court, he claims he is broke. Gavion Muir is a pathological lair. I guess that soft of lifestyle is inherent to his ÷culture so to speak. People need to be cautious of Gavion Muir. What a sad and pathetic waste of life!

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