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Elizabeth Poupard is a Escort in Windsor, Canada

Elizabeth Poupard is a Escort in Windsor, Canada is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! Elizabeth Poupard the little hooker or her big sister hooker Ali poupard. They do duos together and both share around theyre disease. She had genital warts they needed to get burned off and now she just had full blown herpes like her sister. She s been known to sleep with her bosses for a job and employees. Shes a MASSIVE town bicycle. She will sleep with you for weed or coke. She and her sister ruined a relationship and continue to do so and keep contacting a taken man. These two low life backpagers need to be exposed. Elizabeth works at Gilligans sucking off all the customers who look her way and then backpages at night. Stop contacting taken men.

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