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Don Merkle of Medford Oregon

Don Merkle of Medford Oregon is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! onnell (goes by Don) Merkle, in Medford, Oregon, is the lowest of low. He is a professional smooth talk who loves to have sex with married women. He has ruined many marriages. He will tell you he loves you and then walk away from you like you are a piece of shit. He always has two girlfriends. One at his work and one out of state. He works in Ashland at a hospital where he is inappropriate with the female CNAs there (spray stuff at them or touching them on the shoulders, asking them out on dates) and while cheating on his Utah girlfriend (Jenny Bloom). That way he can sleep with both of them without getting caught. He has no remorse, he has even slept with his best friends wife multiple times. Cheated on his girlfriends and wives many times. He totally ignores his daughter, maybe sees her once or twice a year for 30 minutes when he lives a few miles away. The wrong kind of person, he will destroy you if you let him into your life.

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