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David Lynn ruined my marriage Oracle Dallas Texas

David Lynn ruined my marriage Oracle Dallas Texas is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! David Lynn is a 78 year old sanctimonious freak who works at Oracle and is epitome of a home wrecker. I am an openly gay white male with a rewarding career. I thought I was on Cloud 9 when my I met my life-partner Eugene (a handsome black male). Eugene and I were a couple in romantic bliss Ó that was until this geezer predator David Lynn who stepped into the picture. David Lynn is married to a woman and has grown adult children but recently I came to learn that he has an open marriage. David Lynn not only made a pass at my man, but he continued to indulge in sexual intimacy with Eugene full-well knowing I was his one and only. The tipping point was when I found lewd and lascivious photos of David Lynn and my ex-life-partner Eugene on his cell phone. Suffice to say, I was disgusted by these two morally bankrupt imbeciles. I hope Karma will get them!

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