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A Tale Of Errors And Wrongs

Christina Howe Oeltjen of Osakis, Minnesota

Christina Howe Oeltjen of Osakis, Minnesota is reported for the erratic behavior of infidelity and cheating! I met Christina On Meetme.com when she was married to Steve Oeltjen.. Christina Howe Oeltjen had her kids with her the night we met.. Christina Howe Oeltjen drove around for a bit and then took me to a hotel where she put her girls in bed next to us and her twin boys in the floor then she fucked me Her oldest daughter woke up and caught us fucking and said mom what are you doing.. Christina Howe Oeltjen also took me to Ohio one time and fuck me all the way there and while we where there and on the way back.. Christina Howe Oeltjen Put her 4 year old twin sons in a pack and play In our room and let them stand there and watch Us fuck!! Her ( year old daughter Courtny Watched us fuck for over 10. min at the hotel before she said what are you doing Mommy?? I fucked this Dumb slut for a year In all Kinds of places her mini van, woods At her work all kinds of places over and over and over.. Her husband was a farmer so he would go to work at 5am then she would have me over to fuck her in there bed.. I fucked her all over the house.. I never met a woman more egar to cheat before she even payed for the room the night I met her!! Christina was so bad that she even cheated on me with Ryan as she was dating me and cheating on Steve!! I never met a Woman more slutty the Christina!! I dont think she could ever be fathful to anyone ever.. She will always cheat she Is just that type

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