Month: October 2018

Bitcoin can push global warming above 2 degrees C in a couple decades

October 29, 2018

The electricity requirements of Bitcoin have created considerable difficulties, and extensive online discussion, about where to put the facilities or rings that compute the proof-of-work of Bitcoin. A somewhat less discussed issue is the environmental impacts of producing all that electricity. Read More

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New driverless car technology could make traffic lights and speeding tickets obsolete

October 26, 2018

New driverless car technologies could lead to a world without traffic lights and speeding tickets. Researchers also hope the innovations will bring about the development of driverless cars that use 19 to 22 percent less fuel. Read More

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Pretend porpoise sounds are helping conservation efforts, research shows

October 25, 2018

An examination into the detection of harbour porpoises is helping to give new understanding of effective monitoring of species under threat from anthropogenic activities such as fisheries bycatch and coastal pollution. Read More

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Breathing through the nose aids memory storage

October 22, 2018

The way we breathe may affect how well our memories are consolidated (i.e. reinforced and stabilized). If we breathe through the nose rather than the mouth after trying to learn a set of smells, we remember them better. Read More

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