Month: August 2018

How the brain suppresses the act of revenge

August 21, 2018

Researchers have developed an economic game in which a participant is confronted with the fair behavior of one player and the unfair provocations of another player. They observed which areas were activated as the participant experienced unfairness and anger. Then scientists gave the participant the opportunity to take revenge. They thus identified the location in […]

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Robots have power to significantly influence children’s opinions

August 15, 2018

Young children are significantly more likely than adults to have their opinions and decisions influenced by robots, according to new research. Read More

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A video game can change the brain, may improve empathy in middle schoolers

August 9, 2018

A fantastical scenario involving a space-exploring robot crashing on a distant planet is the premise of a video game developed for middle schoolers by researchers to study whether video games can boost kids’ empathy, and to understand how learning such skills can change neural connections in the brain. Read More

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